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Guangxi Mingang Steel Structure Construction Co., Ltd. is a modern and professional construction contracting service enterprise engaged in R&D, design, manufacturing and installation service of steel structures and integrated prefabricated steel structure green building. Since established on April 2010, we have become a contracting company, which has been developed into a large scale in Guangxi and Beibu Gulf Economic Zone and has more influential in the construction market of prefabricated steel structure, of green building’s design, production...

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Green building design, production and installation contracting company

The company was founded in April 2010 and has since developed into a green building design, production and installation contracting company with a larger scale in Guangxi and Beibu Gulf Economic Zone and a more influential steel structure prefabricated construction market.



Continuously innovate and develop steel structure assembly building systems

Since 2014, the company has actively responded to the call for the development of industrialization and assembly of national buildings, and has continuously innovated and developed new steel structure assembly building systems that meet the requirements of the market era, making a contribution to the development of prefabricated buildings in Guangxi.




The company has an experienced team of high-quality talents

There are 60 experienced technicians, 58 engineering management technicians, 5 national senior engineers, 2 national first- and second-level registered structural engineers, 2 accountants, and 2 economists. At the same time, it has established a talent reserve center and a steel structure prefabricated building research and development center with the Department of Civil Engineering of Guangxi University.



Possess advanced production equipment and design assistance software

Introduced advanced domestic and foreign auxiliary design systems, established a BIM management system, kept innovating and developing in management and technology, keeping pace with the times, and striving to provide customers with satisfactory services and high-quality engineering products.

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